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    Angry LOWRY:Rollin' in dough b/c Dolan a dope - got that sour shump chump taste in my mouth

    Is there anyone out there who is surprised that Kyle Lowry has morphed into an All-Star, from the moment our boy-king, paranoid, mumbling moron of an owner stepped in to veto a proposed trade to bring aboard this free-agent-to-be? The half-wit, who is the man behind the curtain at MSG, is without clothes & wearing argyle, knee-high socks, with sock suspenders and a g-string, to go with his conical dounce cap and lolly-pop.

    I Read this blurb I awoke to find over on rotoworld:

    "Kyle Lowry leads the NBA with 24 charges drawn this season, and he's seventh among all guards for personal fouls drawn.

    Fantasy owners are more interested in his career-high 16.2 points, 2.5 threes, 4.2 rebounds, 7.4 assists and 1.7 steals, but his ability to be a foul-magnet is another subtle reason for the Raptors' success this season. Lowry was serenaded with a few "MVP" chants on Friday and the odds of Toronto trading him seem to dwindle with each victory -- the Raptors have won four of their past five games."

    Meanwhile, our beloved Knicks are ten games under .500, and rank last in the NBA in these 3 key offensive statistical categories: fast break points, points in the paint, and free throw attempts. Oh, and we rank 29th in rebounds.

    Lowry was personally responisible for two of our Ls. He played very well in those back-to-back losses we endured against TOR. We probably win those two games if we make the deal when it was on the table.

    From my perspective, the main-biggest-&-certainly-without-a-doubt-most-important-and-glarring weakness with this squad is our non-exstent PG play. The lack of even average NBA production at that position is astounding. It has reduced us fan-iacs to infighting and bickering because our PFs cannot run an offense.

    Guess what fellas: Anthony, Amar'e and Bargs shouldn't be amassing assists nor should they be called upon to facilitate the flow on offense. They are bigs... Their duty is simply to score, to defend and to rebound.

    We are so blinded by the disaster that is our headless-chicken-like floor general most often that we are neglecting the improved focus Melo has emphasized on his rebounding and defense, and YES, even his passing. If we had guards who could hit a wide open shot, Anthony is averaging five assists a game.

    But I digress. This thread is about our PG play, and the decision not to trade for Lowry.

    From the get-go in this rebuilding project, we have failed to find a PG, an issue ever since D'antoni and Walsh arrived. Their 1st draft, Westbrook, Flynn and Rubio evaporate off the board beore our selection arrives. Next draft, Curry goes right before our pick, then we pass on Lawson and Jennings for some tall tool with dreds. We foolishly amnestied Billups instead of Amar'e, after signing TC. From Duhon to the Futon potato Felton... These guys make Ewing's PGs look like Stockton and Nash.

    We see it on a nighlty basis the last two seasons. Just look at this team, and how it all fits together when Kidd was playing well... Or every 3 weeks when Felton plays well for one night. When we get even average PG play, we look like the third best team in the Eastern Conference, and one that could compete against MIA and INDY.

    Notice I say above average.

    We dont even require Paul to qualify folks.

    So, there it was... When Lowry became available.

    Now, I admit I'm not privy to the back room negotiations... Who knows what rumor was true or what was false... But we did read Dolan state that no moves would be made. So I will operate under the assumption that the alleged proposal of Lowry for Felton-Artest-Asset was correct; with asset being 1 of the following 3 (shump, hardaway, 2018 1st rounder).

    I would have easily sent "Shump the Chump" north of the border. I was aghast when his name was read over Kenneth Faired. A real punch in the gut that night. He hasn't been same on defense and is a mental midget on the floor. He is easily one of the game's worst starting SG. Gerald Wilkens he is not.
    Plus, we have a younger, mentally stronger SG in Hardaway, whom I would keep over Imam because he can shoot the three and score in a variety of ways.

    I understand, overall, the entire guard collection is the worst bunch in the entire NBA... The main cuplrit for this pathetic seaon is a toss up between either JR or Shumpert. We needed them, and they have failed in miserable proportions beyond measurement. But we could live with SGs who cannot score. We cannot survive this PG reality as is though, not unless we want to eatch Melo hail a yellow out if town.

    Felton shouldn't even be in the NBA anymore. Priggs is a solid, reliable backup. The rookie not ready. Udrih a backup too.

    Lowry was BY FAR manna sent from heaven. The best solution we would find, not only this season but probably in the Melo era (next three years). A legit, bona fide, above average PG in his prime.

    I was calling for a feasible remedy and we stumbled upon a potential impact player. Lowry would be a strength if/when we battled MIA or INDY. WE woud start the better PG!

    All this required was surrendering Imam Shumpert. This was a no-brainer people.

    Any doubt this blew up in our faces?

    Anything our owner touches turns into something a human following a dog on a leash puts in a little green, or black, plastic baggie.

    Lowry is now an MVP and Shump is consistently MIA.
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