This team is not smart. They just not smart. I think the Knicks might need a new Coach or Wilkens might need to change the strategy with this team. This team needs a big man who can pass. I mean We need to play with a motion offense like the Kings and Nets(of old). If we had it like that we would kill the League. This team needs to run and cut and pass, make picks and finish to the basket. We are playing all wrong. We are playing like we have a big man in the middle who can demand double teams and thats not the case. Yes we need to play better defense but another part of playing good defense is to score. I think we play decent defense but anytime we brick the other team is running down th e court for an easy lay up. Something has to change. And I think a new offense is in order. Defense must improve I think Lenny is saying the right things on defense. But they are struggling at both ends of the floor and the offense and defense are hurting each other.