I think Trevor should start. I think this kid is going to be a true star in this league. He is athletic he has decent jumper he's only 19. The guy plays defense like he wants it. The guy tries hard. He his smart. Start him. He just need to make his open shots. (Unlike lil timmy). His defense will spark the Knicks from jump. He is an energy guy. And the starting line up need some energy. Since TT is struggling so much he might fair better with the reserves. Trevor might make mistakes, but he positives outweigh his negatives a lot better than TT. Its time to stop the babying of TT. he is not cutting it. he is not clutch. I knwo he had some problems in the past but hey as a Knick fan I cant just say "hey let him start, even if he's not playing well, He had a rough summer" sorry, this is a business these are men and they just gona have to deal with it. H20 probably has to come off the bench also. He is not the same. He is not starter material as of now.

its funny..Crawford shoots to much and Houston dont shoot enough.