The Knicks’ first-round pick out of Michigan acknowledges his defensive shortcomings, but the 6-6 swingman has provided an undeniable boost off the bench this season.

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Carmelo Anthony was heading up court in transition, but instead of adding to his scoring total, flipped a lob pass to the right side of the rim.Tim Hardaway Jr. leaped and caught the ball along the baseline before flushing it through the hoop, punctuating his 18-point contribution to the Knicks’ 110-103 win Sunday over the Lakers.
“I’ve said all along, Tim is ahead of the scale. He’s not your typical rookie,” Mike Woodson said. “He spent some time in college. His dad (former NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway) obviously has done a hell of a job in coaching him a little bit over the years and working with him on his game.

I was wrong about Hardaway Jr.
I doubted him as a draft pick, thought we had better options at that selection.
What I like about Tim is that his carries himself prideful of the jersey he wears.

When a player proves me wrong, I got to hold on.

Tim's defense is terrible but I believe with the right coaching, he can improve.

Tim's game can expand into a Kevin Martin level if he works on moving without the ball like Reggie Miller. We'll see how he develops.