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    Nba Logo The Bulls bought out Dwayne Wade .. 2018 2nd round pick looking good!

    Bulls .. Dwyane Wade Reach Buyout Agreement
    Sources: Cleveland, San Antonio and Miami are leaders for Dwyane Wade post-Bulls buyout. OKC could become factor too.

    If Wade except the minimum from OKC ..
    Westbrook comment to GSW and Rocks "Say Hello to my new friends"

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    D.Wade take a 1 yr deal with the Cavs .. Lebron has a facilitator now in D.Wade to lead the point .. D.Rose top scoring may be pushed to the SG spot.
    I wouldn't be surprise if Bosh come out from behind the rock he been hiding during midseason to join up with D.Wade n Lebron in a Cavs uniform

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    Second round not impacted by the lottery, so the team with the worst record picks first. CHI is definitely the favorite to finish with the worst record.... so, pick #31 is sweet! Almost as good as a late first rounder.

    If NYK wins 41 games and is the 7th seed.... well, picking 18th and 31 isn't a bad thing.

    Of course, picking 4th, 31st, and 39th is good too.

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