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    Default Phil leave the coaching to Jeff.

    The Knicks won the game for a few reasons, Jeff's gig might be on the line so he trashed Phil's Triangle and let the guys play his system.
    Boston didn't really prepare for a Knicks team that made them work hard offensively(underestimated them).
    The guys like Kuz and Baker, Plumlee, Hermangomez are naturally hard workers as rookies in the association, they were inserted to shake things up.
    Their hunger ignited the vets to play harder on both ends.

    Noah, Porzyngis were out of the rotation, the Knicks scored enough points and they defended enough without them.

    Melo was a role player last night instead of a volume shooter.
    He was a knock down spot up shooter that killed Celtics momentum whenever they tried to turn-up.

    Derrick Rose was the MVP last night who Boston could not guard by staying in front of him, he went to the hoop at will with MVP type finishes.

    If anybody doesn't play this style of basketball, Jeff should sit them down immediately.
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