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It's been a while since I posted on here as work has me bogged down but after last night i am breaking my long held silence.

I can't take it anymore. EC Player of the Month, a great April. But we finished this season pretty close to the six seed where we'd be against a pacers team we could beat. Why aren't we there? Because Melo didn't like the coach and quite frankly I'm effing sick of this.

Never before in my life have I seen a Knicks player quit on his teammates, admit he quit on his teammates and then have all forgiven when he actually gave half of a crap on this team. This guy is a nine year vet, but he needs a coach to come in and hold his hand and check on him like a freaking six year old?

This guy is a joke. Say what you want about amare who has not had a great year, he never quit on this team and these fans.

And maybe if Carmelo cared for more than half a year we wouldn't be getting embarrassed by Miami.

I don't know why people are so obsessed with playing the Pacers or Bulls in the first round. Yes, we probably would have beaten them 4-3 or whatever, BUT the Heat would have killed us anyway, no matter who our first round opponent was.

Had we beaten the Cavs, we might have made it out of the first round (although I honestly doubt that). Anyway, Miami would have raped us in the second round then.

So what'S the point?

It's like a doomed man getting another weak before he gets executed.

This roster is nowhere near good enough.

Look what the Clippers did in one damn offseason...

Look what the Spurs are doing for 15 years.....

Look what the Thunder did in 3-4 years...

our management is just freaking incompetent. Worst in all of sports, by quite some margin!