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    I do not believe the was any way for us to get Rondo. He has two years left on his contract at about $12M and then $13M. That is about $1M a year more than Bargnani. No one wanted Bargnani at his salary and Toronto was anxious to dump him. Most "pundits" believe we were taken by Totonto's front office. I hate giving up draft choices, particularly when it may have been unnecessary, but perhaps Bargnani will get new life with the Knicks.

    Rondo has value. The Celtics were not going to take Chandler and any package with Shumpert would either be too little to compensate for Rondo's salary or of no value for the Celtics. They were not going to take Novak and Camby. In any event, I do not want to lose Shumpert, Rondo is still a trade chip for the Celtics. They will get value for him.

    Melo has to know that our cap situation handcuffs us and that Rondo was unrealistic. There have been rumors -- Stephen A, for example -- that Melo may want to move West to LA where apparently LaLa is happier. Melo has two more years if he plays out his contract, but he has an option after next year, When we finally have cap space two years from now we could well have under contract only JR, Felton, Shumpert, Hardaway, Jr., Leslie and whatever draft pick we have for 2015. I do not believe that year is a strong free agent year. What is going to keep Melo in New York if he is anxious to win a title?
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