man o man. Kiya needs to start the Hatin on Melo thread.

really nice piece Loco Ochos, worthy of the O&B Globalization personification.
so much information, too much information, info overload load!

but interesting to check out nonetheless...

I believe Melo's game can and will change with significant scorers around him
(healthy Bargnana/STAT/Shump/Chandler/JR), where he does NOT have to feel
as if he's the only one who can carry the team on his back. Most of the assists
were to a moving Chandler, a moving STAT, open Felton, etc., players not just
standing there watching the ISO, but in motion.

This could be a Wood Son problem to deal with, keeping the team in motion,
where Melo could be the P&R initiator, or more of a point forward.

just like Melo played phenomenal at the beginning of 2012 season, with
defensive blocks, unselfish passing, so goes his unselfish playing at the
beginning of games, (as Kiya says), petering out to ISO-hell at the end
of games, and playoffs. could be mental.

as long as MELO (and Woodson) is aware of the problem, and willing to
work on a play like the P&R that is the opposite of ISO-ball, there is a way
to make it happen and incorporate it into the Knick method of play.