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honestly I dont agree with him for obvious reasons but besides that Harden is an exceptional basketball player but the same criticisms he gives Melo, Rockets fans were giving Harden

he took the ball out of Lin's hands and played a lot of one on one basketball

in context his assist numbers are better but Melo faced way way way more double teams leading to outlet passes rather than passes for shots

8's posted a video of Melo's assists, he's a great facilitator but the offense has to be designed around that

Melo thrives off of screens and quick decisions but is his own worst enemy in taking too much time

the problem I have with Kiya is he never gave him any credit for improving as a player this past year, he just looks at Melo's numbers and uses the cliches the media uses and Melo shut that up this past season

However Melo needs to be more consistent and make quicker and smarter decisions to help the team grow

but taking Harden and the pre-Melo Knicks over what we have now is agenda driven as **** and only shows deep down that he will only support the team if they do things the way he wants it done

no disrespect just calling it how I see it

I can say the things I say because I had "NBA Pass" during Iverson era with Melo in Denver, and during Chauncey Billups era with Melo in Denver.
Why do I consider that important .. Iverson, Billups, and Jason Kidd has an NBA career of improving their teammates style of talent. The three guards I mention had an above-average super-star backcourt tandem partner in "PG-Snow, SG-Hamiliton, and SG-Kittles", and each of the three super-backcourt tandems took their mediocre team to the FINALS .... by not having a demanding ball-hogging SF-franchise player who playoff career average is 38% to 40% FG shooting. LOL