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If we go 37 and 45 he won't get traded he'll just opt out and sign somewhere else. So without melo next year how do you plan on being competitive next year? Oh you accept rebuilding, so how do we get draft picks to rebuild please explain

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Being a treadmill team isn't competitive.

Indian Pacers are competitive, they actually challenged and almost bumped Miami out of the playoffs.

Why should we give up our value in the future for a treadmill team status? 3-5 seed but not a real contender against Miami.

We have a nice team, a team that can win games and look good in the regular season.

But can you honestly look throughout this roster and say it's enough to get by the Heat?

Indiana Pacers use to be a treadmill team, but they have two big time prospects in Hibbert and George who are now all stars, very dynamic...all NBA defenders who can pass well from their position and score when they need to.

We don't have that.

We have Amare, Chandler, World Peace, Martin, Anthony, Felton, Prigioni and JR Smith..most of these guys been pro for over 10 years already. The time is now, not later. Theres nothing to gain from here IMO if we continue to "competitive" it's fake, not productive as a franchise.

I rather us be competitive with a promising future, not a dead future.