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That is another indication of how selfish this guy is. I dont blame him for wanting to make as much money as he can, but for him to come out and say he wants to test the market while undrer the contract, tells me all about him.
Not a team player, selfish scoring title chaser.
I would let him go. After watching his game in new york, i say he will never lead his team anywere.
He is overpriced as of now. Forget about giving him more.

Not to mention his cap hold the summer of 2014(150% of his previous season salary...lol) will be ginormous eating away at any additional little wiggle room we had during Free agency.

Remember all those fans bichin at fans for bichin at Grunwald for not getting it done this off-season saying he only had so much room to work with? Well what do we think will happen if we hike up Melo's salary to the tune of highest paid player in the NBA?

Once he's signed his salary will be more than his Opt In salary of 2014 by about $2-3mil more<--------That right there could be the difference of trying to sign someone like a Copeland talent or not.

Fans will only care once Melo complains he has no help and we're stuck in perpetual mediocrity.