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I "RISKED MY CASE" being wrong with Melo....(that's right I said risked and not rest) and Melo proves me right as I didn't have the full article at hand. I must say it was obviously too easy as I see right through his veneer.

WOW this dude will go down as the most overrated basketball player ever when it's all said and done.
Yeah, when Melo hang up his sneakers, I put Melo-performance above T-Mac, and next to the 1970's Ice-Man

Stop with the arm injury, the only injury ISO-Melo have is selfish-ballhoggin
If my arm wasnt above 65% .. I would not be taking 25 shots, or playing 42 minutes a game.
I would be resting my arm by workin on my teammates scoring .. running ball-movement plays where I screen or pick for a teammate .. Plus to stop certain sports annoucers from sayin I'm a CHUCKER