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Paul George is a better PLAYER(was last year too) than Melo...Melo is the better SCORER....

Give me the better PLAYER 1000000 times out of 10. What has been stated could be applied to so many players according to criteria advancing playoff series

You Melo Lobbyist/Apostles have to stop, you look foolish drumming up such discussion.

Listen honest question had the Knicks surrounded the likes of Gallo/Chandler/Fields along with other young talent in the drafts ahead while making good free agent moves would they have advanced further/won more games? The obvious answer here is YES!

The very excuse being made in this thread for Melo?

But the whole point of acquiring Melo.... he's supposed to make things easier for the franchise because the sum of him is greater than multiple parts right? The obvious answer here is NO!

Appears to me the franchise failed the young players we had then as much as they are failing the players we have now.

This isn't about any singular player and until many of you stop looking at the game of basketball in vacuum(from an individual player perspective) the better you'll be able to accurately assess what's going on.
Paul George is the better all around player, but he isn't coming to New York and Melo is what have now.

Melo can play as good as George, we've seen it and Melo has been playing at the all star level longer than George has. George only had 1.5 seasons playing like this, so it's pretty premature, but I'll allow it. He's skillful but his length and athleticism helps him get to that next level. When he hits Melo's age I don't think he'll be producing these type of numbers. Just a projection into the future, don't put too much stock in it.


Fields is a fraud, rides the bench as a 10th man.

Chandler and Gallo are great two way SF's but are extremely injury prone.

Faried is a beast and we get out rebounded every night. He would be a major plus to us.

Plus all the cap space we can have to operate from and not be chained down by the salary cap like we always are.

I would love that scenario, even with a crappy Fields, two injury prone SF's, a rebounding prospect and cap space over Melo. I wouldn't make the Denver-NY trade and just waited till Melo became a free agent.

But sadly the reality is, we have Melo and no cap space and one of the weakest rosters in the NBA currently.

It's up to us as fans to move forward and look ahead of what awaits us.

Lercher, letting Lee go was the Knicks losing their heart and soul. If we remember, not only Lee gave us points and rebounds, he was a very vocal leader and gave 100% on the court(well not defensively but you get it). He's been through the Marbury/Isiah wars and the Gallo Season. Trading him was a braindead move and Knicks have been a braindead franchise longer than any NBA franchise out there.