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lol It's not that deep
So in a nutshell….Bargs/THJr/Beno/Artest/Murry/Aldrich<<<<<<<Kidd/Novak/Camby/Sheed/Kurt/Copeland is what you're saying?
3G4G i believe our roster this year is much worse. After watching a lot of Bargnani this season he is a giant reason we have sucked as much as we have sucked. Besides being a capable man defender what does he do well? He has terrible defensive instincts when switching, He is shooting under 30% from 3pt and his shot chart shows he shoots well in the same areas that Melo do, but Melo is obviously a million times better...so he isn't even providing spacing. He also doesn't rebound for anything. The fact we have to play this guy 30 mins a game is a big reason we stink. JR Smith also forgot how to drive this year and has reverted to his inconsistent self.

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