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Great time to make this thread.
3G4G, Kiyaman and friends are probably scared to look at the first post in this thread. They'll probably vomit in site after Melo's 62 point 13 rebound performance.
A 62 point scoring performance againist the Bobcats isn't going to change my opinion about Melo. Players are droping like flies with injuries and melo doesn't have to worry about passing the ball any more b/c of that.Now that Barg's got hurt Melo can shoot as much as he wants and more.Yes he droped 62 tonight but I got news for ya.. he is not going to do that againist good teams.Good teams that can play defense will be all over Melo.How could anybody be happy and celebrate a guy that scored 62 when the team still sucks.Sure it is something you can talk about with your friends BUT the story always ends with The knicks still suck. The only good thing about this game is that Melo's trade value just went up.