Smokes just give it up man....Metro has flamed you worse than I have seen since the Starbury Wars. Just stop hating, ok. Return to sense and sensibility. Melo just dropped 62 and 35 and you haters are still talking??? C'mon man what game are you haters watching????...bad shots for the average NBA joe are high% shots for Melo. It's no coincidence that Coach K and team USA run it's offense thru Melo. Next to Durant, Melo is the best pure scorer in the league. The numbers bear it out. Chris Broussard is a high yellow donut. Where did he earn his stripes??? On the court???? Where did Chris play his college ball??? That's what I thought he is another player hating donut. Don't aspire to be like that clown. Just kick back and enjoy the Melo show like any good Knicks fan is supposed to do.