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    Originally Posted by CoolClyde
    well, WV, it looks like you've come full circle from starting this thread, hating on Melo, to appreciating his game. you must admit his last 3 games have been the pinnacle of the season as far as great play, from the 62 point gem, to tonight's unselfish all-around win, with another good game sandwiched in between. props to you, Melo and the O&B.

    Cool,I give credit were credit is do BUT I always criticize a player when he isn't playing to his abilitys. yes he has played better these past three games but tonight's performance was beyond better than the other two. The problem with Melo is that he teases us every season. He will go a few games and will play good ball but then right when you think he figured it out he will go back to playing 1 one 1.This time I am not getting my hopes up b/c I know what it will be sooner or later. He will go back trying to be a one man show and that never works. Do you rather him play like he did tonight or go back to his normal ways? You must admit the way he played tonight is a million times better than what he normally plays?
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