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WV(known hater from way back) is bogus for even starting this thread with his hilltop English lol And Smokes please share wat u smokin for backing his azz up. And CC: um um um I am disapointed in you. You want to talk about chucking??? Which former Knick did Metro and I go back and forth about "chucking" on this site for days who is now killing it for a Western Conference powerhouse. Jamaal Crawford. It's not chucking when you are putting up 25+++ a game fools. It's called scoring and that's what Melo is doing and carrying this team. Anyone that says different is blind to the fact. Metro has changed his stance on Melo from detractor to defender. But you fools dogmatically stick to your foolish opinions even after what Melo has done the past few days, yes and all season. It's like arguing the Earth is flat people. Epic Fail
Jim...don't you know? Clyde totally saved WV from future embarrassment.

WV is no longer the starter of this thread now, it is some guy who made a crap post from 2011 that no one even remembers or thought about it.

lol "hilltop English". I didn't want to discriminate because I came to this country only knowing Spanish and I had to learn English late, but it's pretty funny if you grew up here and don't have a command of the language at such an old age. I don't want to be mean about it though, just a funny thought.

Yea, Smokes is a weird little dude coming in here with no guns blazing trying to play devil's advocate which totally back fired. That's why I enjoyed the thread so much, it was perfectly executed and a great sequence of post. Clyde ruined that with his merging. Clyde doesn't even post on this site but he comes in here and does some random mindless crap like that.

Jim holds credibility on this site because I was wrong about Crawford and Jim backed him up since day 1.
Crawford was never the problem, he just couldn't be the best player on his team. Crawford makes a great 4th or 5th best player on a very good team.

This is where a lot of these posters fail themselves and I agree to the max.

When you hold yourself to your opinion and ignore the facts, you will be made foolish and the "I"M THREW WITH MELO" thread proved that in a perfect fashion.

It really triggered Clyde to see that and so he had to do something to hide it in a 142 page thread. What a loser.