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    Originally Posted by Pricey
    Shumpert is out, JR is starting

    Its about time ....
    JRsmith shouldve been in the starting lineup the same day he receive his 6th-man award.
    JR has a career of being inconsistent, his first half performance as a starter lets a coach know at halftime, how much playingtime to give JR in the 2nd half of each game .. JR had so many poor/flawed first-half performances where he shouldve been DNP the 2nd half of the game.

    Our next game will b Miami Heat invading New York MSG on Saturday night.
    Yes, JR should start .. Lebron & D.Wade got a ole-fashion whiippin in Miami by MVP-Durant & Derik Fisher the other night.

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    Originally Posted by tiger0330
    That's a 4 game win streak w/o Bargnani. Paris said it would be addition by subtraction, now you know why Toronto hated him.

    Woody seems to want to play Shump when he comes back but he needs to give some of Shumps minutes to Timmy when he's back. Timmy has way more upside than Shump.
    Ironic isn't it???? All that criticism that should be directed at Bargs, Melo catches. Let's see:"lazy on defense" check; Bargs is terrible can't stay in front of a turtle. "Shoots to much, not efficient" check:44% from the field and(that's pitiful for a seven footer) and 27% from 3 point land. "Doesn't make teammates better" check: averages more turnovers per game(1.4) than assist(1.1). Um um um embarrassing and all this from a former #1 overall pick. Double um um um.... I heard an NBA announcer talking about the "European" influence on the game lol um um um. That's code for overgrown donuts shooting bricks from the field, not rebounding, not playing any defense, and being wayyyyy over drafted the basis of "potential." Yet Melo is the whipping boy???? DOUBLE STANDARD

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    I wish Bargs a speedy recovery but I hope he's out for a while to see the young guys like Tyler and Cole get some more burn and to see if we can consistently win with this small lineup minus Bargs. I think we'll win more games w/o Bargs, he's got some game ie best 7 footer putting the ball on the floor and taking it to the hole, great FT shooter for a big man but he's been inconsistent and he hasn't found that 3 point shot.

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