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    Default Metta World Peace and Jeremy Tyler

    Metta is healthy right? So how come when Bargnani AND the good defensive K-Mart are out with injuries, Metta is still nowhere to be found in competing for a win?

    The game this past Sunday was a joke. Not only could Metta be used to defend Durant, Tyler had a DOUBLE-DOUBLE the previous game and had a defensive highlight or two. Of course that meant little time for him and Melo be able to stay in the game despite not shooting well. Copeland all over again.

    Prigioni also was taken out for Felton to close the game instead.

    Why? Is their any logic in any of this?

    Is it because Woodson wants Metta to rest a little bit more despite him being cleared and the team needing defensive help?

    Is it because Woodson thinks Felton is a better player than Prigioni?

    Is Kiyaman's theory of Woodson being puppet and not making all these decisions all by himself true?

    Remember when Rick Adelman was available?

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    It's obvious MWP is treating Woodson like a Puppet coach, "Good morning puppet, Watup puppet.".

    MWP signed on to win games on a $91M cap team, that has the veteran talent advantage over half the teams in the league.
    MWP were looking for the Knicks to have a 9 to 12 man rotation of HAPPY teammates enjoying their role in a winning regular season. That didnt happen.

    Puppet Woodson big mistake was showing no interest in building our "closer-lineup" that looked pitiful in the Indiana series.
    Woodson didn't form a closer-lineup during Training-camp/Preseason/or through-out our first 20 regular season games.
    Wrong move to make for a contender HC with experience-postseason veterans on the roster. Postseason veterans look for a team destination-plan. We had none. MWP never been injury-prone in his career, became injury-prone after 20 games as a Knicks.

    Carmelo Anthony 40+ minutes per game of BallHoggin & poor defense (playin4stats), told puppet Woodson don't worry ur gonna finish the season as the Knicks HC.

    Jeremy Tyler deserve playingtime throughout the remainder of the season.
    It would be nice to see a 10 minute fresh legs lineup of Amare/Tyler/MWP/THJ/and Prigioni come off the bench in the first quarter.

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