According to ESPN the minute restriction has been lifted and now Amare wants more minutes. Before you bombard the tread with Amare is finished posts consider this.

In every game that Amare has scored 17 points or more he has done so playing no less than 22 mins per game. If he's to be most effective Amare needs no less than 25 to 27 mins. Against Toronto he scored 23 points and 9 rebounds in 30 mins. The question isn't can Amare still be effective, its can he be effective, complement Melo's game and win. Interestingly in most games this season where he's scored 20 or more points the Knicks lost.

It's clear that his all-star years a behind him and he is all but untradable, but that doesn't mean that Amare can't contribute in some measurable way. Since the Knicks are inconsistent and have no second scoring option should they give Amare more playing time?