[QUOTE=3G4G;282966]No way Jose

We've been trying to do this for yrs now, it doesn't work. The only team who managed to make this work(relatively speaking) was the Phx Suns. That team can't be constructed for many yrs to come and at the end of the day(Melo/Woody's favorite line....defense failed that team). I disagree with the notion of trying to outscore teams. We need to put together a balanced team, one with leadership, and a higher demand of excellence/accountability from it's best players.

This is why you hear things come out of an organization about changing the culture. We need a change so bad.

Quite Frankly this current team would have a difficult time beating any Knick team from 2008

I agree with this as an organizational philosophy, building a team (long term) moving forward). I'm just saying holding on to TC for the rest of this year, and next, doesn't much to help us. Swapping him for a pick or young asset and letting Tyler play more (grow) would be more productive.