First of all, from a Realgm poster:
I know i'm new to the board but i have to share this info i just got. My man who lives in cleveland was at the game today and he is friends with some people in the knicks organization. He found out that penny is suspended indefinitely because his agent went at it with IT about his role. Kurt thomas said that was f ***ed up , and marbury said f*** penny and kurt and marbury almost went to blows. Kurt told marbury it isn't a surprise everytime he left a team that team got better. NO one likes lenny , they think he stinks as a coach , so he may not finish the season if the streak continues. Basically no one is getting along right now , which is showing in their play of late.

Next, from NY Times:

In the Knicks' locker room afterward, players lectured one another about effort and defense, although all insisted they were still unified.

"Nothing heated," Kurt Thomas said. "It's all about how you define heated. You say heated to me, I think blows. No, no blows were thrown."

Something is seriously wrong here...