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    Default Pistons fire Mo Cheeks, is Woody next?

    Pistons fired Mo Cheeks with a 21-29 record, 9th in the conference. I'd say both on win/loss and conference rankings Woody is next, Pistons were supposed to be much improved with JSmoove and Jennings, Monroe and Drummond. Knicks were not supposed to be struggling and Cheeks getting canned may prompt Woody's departure.

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    then again, Knicks business decisions are made by the dumbest owner in the league, who is more or less owned by the CAA agents who run the team behind the scenes. everything is about money, with little concern for team chemistry, as long as the agents get their cut and the Knicks put asses in the MSG seats, along with corporate season ticket holders who purchase 90% of the best seats in advance. any improvement to the Knicks will be to appease little Jimmy Dolan's massive ego and his jungle fever, nothing the Pistons do is relevant to Knicks basketball.

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    I thought it was a Woodson got fired story when i read it earlier today.....Then I found out it was the pistons. Sh*t had me like

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