[QUOTE=skisloper;283186]Thats just dumb.....When Melo is on the bench and Prigs brings up the ball the offense moves fine.....Opposing teams to make what decision that Melo will shoot ????????

please stop with the scoring champ......at what expense ?????? That he get 27 and then drop out of sight for the 4th quarter....EFFICIENCY and PLAYING SMART,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How many times has Melo taken and miss the game winning or game tie shot.........COME ON,,,,,,,[/QUOTE ]

Dude, you asked, I answered. In the absence of a real point guard, Melo brings the ball up sometimes because he has the skill set....Also it's harder to deny Melo the ball when he is bringing it up the floor.....it's like this....you put the ball in your best players hands as much as possible period. BTW, efficiency does not apply to volume shooters, who else on this team would you prefer taking those shots??? Look up Bargs shooting %%%% and get back to me...