68 % guys... I think it's the key number. It was basically the field goal percentage of the cavs at the end of the third quarter. Can you handle it ? 68% !!!! My god ! It's a shame ! A SHAME ! Where is the D ???

Noboby knows how to play defense in this team. Wilkens is not the right man, we definitly need a coach who can scream on player to push them to play good D.

I dont know what to think about this team, one day i tell me we are good contender and the day after i feel the shame.... 68%, i can believe my eyes, that number is horrible.
Ariza should be starting over TT it's a fact. Playing D is an urgency now. Philly is coming back very strong from behind now. It becomes really dangerous to play with the fire like that.
What will happen if we dont play basketball in May ?
Please some play D....please....