Goodbye, Mike Woodson.

There is nothing that can save Woodson's post with the New York Knicks now. Nothing. Winning 54 games and the Atlantic Division in 2012-13 didn't buy him this kind of time. It didn't create undying patience.

The Knicks are 20-32 after falling 106-101 at home against the Western Conference-worst Sacramento Kings, 2.5 games outside an Eastern Conference playoff race that caters to the incapable and unequipped. These Knicks—Woodson's Knicks—are neither. They're worse, having officially hit rock bottom. Again

All of this has happened under the watch of Woodson, who has long overstayed a 54-win welcome. After what was seen from the Knicks Wednesday night, after what's been seen from them all season, it's time for him to go. Now.

Waiting isn't an option. As ESPN's Marc Stein points out, it used to be, but additional failures must force owner James Dolan's hand.

But they shouldn't be losing this much. They aren't this bad. They aren't 10th-place-in-the-baseborn-Eastern Conference, might-actually-miss-the-playoffs awful. Well actually, they are, even though they shouldn't be. Much of that is on Woodson, who knows he's failing this team.

Woodson says injuries are "the main thing" that explain the team's sub-.500 record.
u can laugh now LMAO
Will throw this out there again. Strongly suggests that Woodson mismanages the rotation when everyone is healthy:
Example .... Last night with 20 seconds left in the game, and the Knicks winning by 2 points here's the lineup Woodson put on the court for defense "Tyson/Stat/Melo/Felton/and Rookie THJ". The Kings tie the score, Melo miss shooting over 3 defenders, and the game go into overtime 93-93.
The Knicks starting lineup for overtime were the same 5 players to play the entire 5 minutes of OT for a Knicks loss 106-101. u dont put a Rookie in to do a veteran-players job...

From the start of the season (practically all) our closer-lineups in close games in the 4th quarter had Rookie THJ on the court at crunchtime .. WHY?

I like rookie THJ .. but he's a RAW-ROOKIE to opponents tight defense, and offensive-switches in the 4th quarter for the WIN. Which makes THJ a liability in the 4th quarter. And Woodson & Melo a bigger LIABILITY for letting this go down throughout the Knicks (20-32) 2013-14 season.