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    Default Chris Webber

    Webber intrigued by Isiah, Knicks

    "Whisper in Isiah's ear for me," Chris Webber said.

    OK, Chris. Here it goes:

    Psst, Isiah Thomas, listen up.

    Webber has a few reservations, but he's definitely intrigued by the idea of playing for the New York Knicks.

    Webber, a former Wolverine, rolled through New York last week, scoring 22 points for Sacramento in a seven-point victory that gave the Kings their 20th win of the season.

    Only six NBA teams entered the weekend with as many as 20 wins, and none of them would figure to be eager to part with a player as integral to their success as Webber is to the Kings. But Sacramento is a special case, still harboring the same unresolved chemistry issues that led Peja Stojakovic to ask for a trade over the summer.

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    he isn't that young anymore plus he has the sore knee..

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    Chris Webber, itd be nice to have an allstar big man in our paint. Theres a few problems with this though.

    1. Injuries & Money---He does have that sore knee like you said and would we really want to take the chance of taking on another player (like Houston) who was just injured and has a lucratrive contract still?? Its a chance Id think Isiah would take. Itd sell some jerseys and for the times hes healthy we would put up a few more W's and a a lot more ppg.

    2. The Kings---Who in their right mind would the Kings want from us for Webber??? Maybe they know something we dont like he is on the verge on IL again. But i really cant see them trading him unless him and Peja saga continues, hes gonna be hurt again, or they think they can win without him (which is a possibilty if they take Kurt in that trade)

    3. The Knicks---Like I said who would we over to make the deal work. You can better believe Kurt Thomas will be in it. Which is probably be the good point for them. But Webbers an allstar...They are both going on their 11th season next year, they are both the same size pretty much, their has to be a catch.

    POINT being if Isiah wants to get rid of Kurt that bad and "improve" the team, this is a gamble I guess he would take. The question is how would it work? and how good would it work out for us?.....ideas/comments?

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