MWPs brother Daniel called out the Knicks, Knicks should have bought out Woody. The Knicks were 8.1 pts better on D per 100 possesions with MWP on the floor. Given the late game collapses on D by this team a good coach would have figured out how to use him in games. And Dolan and the Knicks, you know why you never hear from Mills about the team's struggles, Mills is forbidden from talking to the media by Dolan.

Daniel Artest, World Peaceís brother, lashed out at the organization on Twitter, revealing some of the dirty little secrets of the franchise and ripping into coach Mike Woodson and Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan. He called Dolan "The worst owner in sports." He added, "Mike Woodson is trash as a coach. Thatís my opinion. The Knicks are a trash organization. Thatís my opinion too. Melo deserves better. Fact!"