2015 is the year of major talent in free agency. What's your plan to fix the Knicks? Think like a real GM. Keep the following in mind.

The maximum amount of money a player can sign for is based on the number of years that player has played and the total of the salary cap. The maximum salary of a player with 6 or fewer years of experience is either $9,000,000 or 25% of the total salary cap (2010–11: $14,511,000), whichever is greater.

For a player with 7–9 years of experience, the maximum is $11,000,000 or 30% of the cap (2010–11: $17,413,200), and for a player with 10+ years of experience, the maximum is $14,000,000 or 35% of the cap (2010–2011: $20,315,400).

Let's pretend the salary cap for 2015 will be $60,000,000.

The Don's Plan
I'm the best GM since Jerry West and I'm easily convincing Carmelo to take less money.
I'm signing Kyre Irving on the dream of playing on the worlds biggest stage for less cash (keeping the above rules in mind), and I'm bringing on another point guard, Ricky Rubio.

C-Jeremy Tyler resign for roughly 3,000,000 per year.
PF-Carmelo Anthony $15,000,000 for first year.
SF-Tim Hardaway Jr currently under contract.
SG-Kyre Irving max contract roughly $15,000,000 the initial year.
PG-Ricky Rubio max contract roughly $15,000,000 the initial year.

I got Kyre in free agency because the Cavs are stupid and I executed a sign in trade for Shumpert and Chandler to acquire Rubio.

Glen Davis vet exemption
Amare Staudemire vet exemption
Jeremy Lynn 5,000,000 per year
One Euro player and two DLeague or an underrated young player that is yet to enter the league.