After watching the Hornets the last week come so painfully close to topping the mountain...just playing different, harder, and better, you have to wonder if a streak is beginning after Saturday's defeat of the Sacramento Kings. Will the Hornets come up to New York and, actually, top the Knicks? No team is hungrier fo a streak of wins in the NBA than the Hornets and no team needs it more (for obvious reasons). Guys (and gals), I'm here to tell you that don't think for one minute that this Tuesday's game is a given. The Knicks should be more concerned about the Hornets than they've been about any team in some time if they are looking for a W. Another defeat is in order for the Hornets...we're getting ready to start that desperately needed streak and the Knicks are next up...come see us in New Orleans for mature basketball discussion at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
New Orleans