He's doing nothing. The way this team is coached, it just takes common sense to fire Woodson. I don't feel like listing off the crap that's gone on this season under his (or whoever's) reign.

I'm in to picket that dumbass right outside MSG. For the people who go to the games, don't go, or start using your voices to express how you feel, and I don't mean just booing. Winning won't solve things. Playing good a game, or even a few games, won't solve things. This already happened this season, and now they're terrible again. Let's not stop until Woodson and Dolan are out of there. Time to start chanting at this garbage all game long.

I want the Knicks to have all of this crap erased. No more headcases, no more egos, no more ****ty coaching, no more stupid trades. This is all too obvious, something might be going on that has been kept secret. There's no way to justify J.R.'s actions this season and the minutes he's been getting and starting. There's no way to justify not playing a healthy Metta and Beno while K-Mart, Barganing is out and Felton not playing well.

The Knicks play tonight. How do you think they'll play? Do you believe in Woodson? Do you believe in whatever new line-up he has this time?

This sucks.