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    Default Celtics vs. Knicks-pregame gamethread

    I miss the good old days believe it or not, when Metro would have the gamethread on and cracking early on Knicks-Celtics game day going in on the Bumstown Smelldicks. But alas the Iso-Melo haters have taken over and ruined the board so quality posters stopped contributing and this place is now a ghostown. Shame. But quiet is kept this is a big game tonight because as Chuck says "it's not a streak until you win five in a row" which is what we are going for tonight. I heard STAT is not playing tonight due to "recovery"???? WTF???? Just when I try to be a STAT fan he blows it for me.....I know I have a low level job but when I don't show up to work and preform I don't get paid....And Tyson isn't playing either so we are gonna 50 from Melo tonight to keep this streak going....

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    I do wish Metro was back, place is dead without him. Crazy8's would be great too but he's got his own website now and that's the reason this place is like a ghost town, lot of the guys that post there were members here.

    Understandable that Stat is out tonight since his knees swell up after playing games, something you can understand with a guy that has the knees he has.

    TC on the other hand, wears a tough guy costume and would never pull a Willis Reed and play with a serious injury. Very little said about why he's out, supposedly it's a death in the family but it would be nice if he came out and said I'm playing because my team needs me and every game counts. I'm all for letting him go when his contract expires.

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    25-40 (Knicks) team -VS- 22-42 (Celtricks) team
    Tyson/Amare/Barg will not suit up for this game .. Rondo's not suiting up
    floor seat tickets should cost $5 dollars for this game.

    We have been playing sub .500 teams .. we have a $91M cap roster .. we have not been given players equal playingtime.
    Hopefully, Cole & Tyler could finally get 20 minutes in one game this season.

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