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    Video Knicks V Cavs Rant - Game 70 - Felton's P&R D

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    I don't wish him bad but if he get's jail time on those gun charges the very next day the Knicks should be looking to void his contract and applying for an exception to get another player.

    Murry is not going to get it done, backcourt guy that shoots FTs at a worse clip than Chandler. I mentioned Bobby Brown, it's going to have to be someone like that with no cap space to work with.

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    Yeah Same here, I like that he plays with heart, unfortunately he is not playing with mind!!!

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    Why do we Knicksfans keep forgetting Raymond Felton is a "Tier-2" PG, that needs to learn how to come off the bench for 18 minute per game.

    The Bobcats gave Felton 5 or 6 seasons of starter experience.
    Felton failed as a NBA starter when the Bobcats refuse to resign him cheap.
    Felton so-call best season with the Knicks (2010) were by way of stats, and stats only.
    Perfomance wise, Felton FAILED by not being able to create for teammates.
    Felton performance of only getting the ball to Amare, and never to teammates Gallo, W.Chandler, Mozgov, or Fields on a fastbreak was the same ole Felton on the Bobcats "Felton & Wallace".
    That type of performance made Felton a tier-2 PG u bring off the bench.
    The Bobcats, Nuggets, and Blazers knew this ....
    Lastseason Jason Kidd played the final 8 minutes of the game, except playoff. Hint!!!!

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