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    Originally Posted by jimkcchief88
    JR 9-12 from three damn Rhianna must have finally called him back lol...but giving up a 24 point lead... does anyone know if Kmart is ever coming back to beef up our defense???

    How many times this season did u see HC Woodson put a defensive lineup of "Tyson, K-Mart, MWP, Shump, Prigioni" on the court?
    So-call defensive-coach Woodson had a dominating defensive-player at all 5 position this season, and fail to use these players properly this season. All the Knicks losses this season were from playing poor team-defense.

    The Knicks starting lineup of Tyson, Amare, Melo, JR, Felton, and 6th man THJ are the NBA worst defensive-lineup.
    When a team consistently lose to all the worst teams in the league it means their DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!

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    Originally Posted by 3G4G
    Not to mention pretty much all of them need to win to improve their playoff positions. Phx's got next and remember last time the mighty Barbosa almost took us out...I think they are full strength with Bleddy and Drago we're going to get slayed by these 2 young studs.
    Yeah .. Dragic/Bledsoe/Green trio/tandem guard lineup prove to be in the top-5 elite guard lineup this season.
    Felton & JR dont have a chance...

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