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    i don't think PJ has had much, if any, influence over decision-making, trades, hiring and firing until he signed on the dotted line. as Action Jackson has stated, the concept of offense and defense are simple ones, not relegated to letting one person run the show in iso, to win or lose based on shooting percentage. it's a team game, and Phil will hire whomever he thinks can grasp and implement the triangle or similar strategy. it doesn't look like the Knicks will win this year, as Melo still feels he needs to carry the team and is putting the pressure of the entire season on his back, even when he's hurting. I can't see him, or JR, consistently shooting the lights out to win every remaining game, and I don't see Atlanta losing most every game left. although it's easy to say this with a tragic number of 3, I do have faith in an old school mentality such as Phil Jackson to let the season play out win or lose, and take it from there. evaluating our d-leaguers ain't gonna happen until knicks are eliminated.

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    I wonder if Melo was taking notes of Chris Copeland on how to be CLUTCH against the Bucks tonight....a "team we struggled with several times this season and folded like a cheap tent early March". Man Pacers sit all of their top dogs and they rely on the Copeland CLUTCH GENE to overtake Miami for the #1 spot by a half game.

    EDITED: "the last time we played"
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    The Brooklyn Nets loss to the Hawks .. Jason Kidd played his 2nd unit of players throughout the 4th qtr.

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