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I watch the game over my boys house where there's lots of ole Trevor Ariza fans pointing-out Ariza defensive tactics on Melo.
They counted 11 Melo turnovers, but only 9 were on the stat sheet .. plus the change of the game was when Woody took Amare out the game to put in Melo having a 5 point lead, with 7 min remaining in the 4th qtr.. Melo became our only BIG on the court.
Amare walked off the court upset, and the next 3 offensive possession went to Melo to give the Wizards a 2 point lead.
President Phil Jax had no emotion on his face watching the Knicks poor performance the final 6 minutes of the game.
The Knicks last two plays of the game explain our losing season .. a team that never practice plays!
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