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    We're now 15 and 5 since March 5 and easily one of the hottest teams in the league as the regular season comes to a close, and we're not in the stupid playoffs. Only the Knicks.

    As far as the Nets, they are tanking on purpose to try to slip down a rank in the playoffs. They want the 6 seed to play Toronto. Brooklyn wants absolutely nothing to do with the 4 seed Chicago. They remember how that story plays out.

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    Jeff Van Gundy can say all he wants to about Woody's winning pct. while he was with the Knicks and that's why he the Knicks shouldn't fire him.

    Woody has got to go, we look like we are going to miss the playoffs by 1 or 2 games and Woody gave away at least two games this season.

    Not making the playoffs in this conference and with this team says you lose your job the first day after the season ends even if the Knicks don't have a replacement.

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    Hey Clyde if you could, can you please consider changing your Sigs to something a little more Work Environment friendly? It can put some of us in a bad situation if we have uppers looking over our shoulders and whatnot.

    Just a request of consideration.

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    Originally Posted by CoolClyde
    i actually enjoyed watching the Knicks hand the Nyets the loss tonite, so I gave a sh*t and a flying f*ck after all. if Knicks can bop the Nyets down a spot in playoffs so they face tougher competition, all the better. one of the best games of the year for Shumpert in terms of overall athleticism, another great game for Coal Ostridge, and Shannon Brown looks like he's shaken off the rust and is playing with fervor and conviction. THJR is such a keeper for years to come, can't wait for next season to see how he blossoms as a shooter in the triangular offensive schematic of PJ zen masterson. 1 more game... so sad. so so sad.

    This Knicks team looks so much better without Carmelo Anthony on the court.
    So many Knicks players were allowed to receive warm-up minutes of playing-time to perform at a winning level.
    Nine Knicks players receive 20+ minutes, we ran a 11 man rotation throughout the game. About Time.
    I like rookie THJ, but he did not deserve 36 minutes in this game.
    THJ has been CLUELESS on the defensive-end all season long.
    If THJ dont focus his offseason workout energy on learning a few defensive-tactics, Phil Jax will give him rookie minutes of playing-time next season.
    THJ scoring is decent, but it dont win games .. The same could be said about JRsmith and Melo.

    So STOP believing all the Melo-HYPE.
    When Melo came into the NBA as a rookie, he had a healthy double-double 3 blocks Camby, Nene, and Birdman frontline playing relentless bigman defense. Lebron did not have that in his rookie season, so Lebron did not make the playoffs. D.Wade rookie season had our NY "Skip to my loo" pass-first Rafer Alston at PG, with Lamar Odom, Eddie Johnson, and rookie PF-Haslem banging bodies to make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    Cole Aldridge showed he could be a decent backup with the help of a bigman coach this offseason, that hook shot been working for him since preseason.
    Jeremy Tyler showed he like banging bodies in the paint, a bigman-coach could get him to improve his best talents inside the paint.
    Tour'e Murry has all the talent to be one of the top-10 pass-first combo-guards in the league (Rondo), let Murry workout with a clean Lamar Odom in the offseason to improve his awareness on the court.

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    Yeah, yesterday's game was exciting for once. I blame Woody as much as Melo for being too predictable. To me the way they play is equivalent to telling the QB to go into the defenses huddle, and tell them the last play of the game for the win....NOT

    Bet we lost at least 10 games this year cause of just that

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