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    Originally Posted by paris401
    I don't see it that way... melo has an option... so why not execise it... I would...wouldn't you??
    Did u know all of the 2010 all-star FA had the same opt-out option on their contract this season, and all are waiting for June/July to decide whether they want to opt-out.
    There's no justification for Melo announcing opting-out at the start of the season in October 2013.

    Dolan firing GM Grunfield a week before training-camp open, then dum-dum coach Woodson starts the regular season off giving (a opt-out) Carmelo Anthony 45 minutes of playing-time each game to lead the Knicks to a 3-13 start of the season. Melo started the regular season being the most minute played player in the NBA, Melo minutes dropped when the Knicks record became 21-40.
    Get the hint: we had a 37 win season .. do the math
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