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Wasn't there a guy from LA that was assassinated on 57th St some time ago. The killer was someone from LA that came to NY to do the hit but they caught him because of the cameras they have on 57th St. Maybe these guys were sent by Sterling to get even, Sterling may make out and win his law suit against the NBA or at least settle it for a few million and get 1B for selling the team.

Update: Just checked and this guys murder was never solved. How do you not catch a guy when you have him on film and you have the license number of the car he drove away in? I doubt the cops are even looking for the guys that did this to Sterlings mistress.

I'm sure a lot of Sterlings CEO's, Lawyers, wife, and the family members working for Clippers organization have several contracts out on the mistress. Billionaire revenge is like ducking bullets.