By Andrew Melnick

A package of Boozer, Dunleavy, two 2014 first-round picks (16 and 19) and perhaps a future first should be a workable package for both the Knicks and Bulls.

If the Knicks have accepted that the investment in Anthony is too limiting at the price, they’re adding on multiple draft picks while taking on salary that doesn’t hinder their goals beyond next season.

Dunleavy had a nice season for the Bulls, but Anthony fills a greater need. If Chicago is pressing to win with their current core, the draft picks shouldn’t be as great a priority.

Should the Knicks try to acquire Mirotic as price for Anthony? Absolutely, but then the Bulls should do their part to try and keep the rights to one of the top players in Europe.

When the Bulls had Deng, I would've traded them Melo in a heartbeat for Deng/Gibson