With Kerr out (can't stand all that time passing with the assumption he was our guy only for the quick about face) who do you think and/or want to be the coach of the Knicks? There are several choices from PJax past like Rambis, Shaw (I think still under contract tho?) that could be possible, then you have Hollins who I like but was jettisoned from a pretty good team so who knows, Action Jackson and JVG both who fanbase would love, but agree with sentiment that neither necessarily fit with Phil, JVG wanting more personnel power and both likely having own ideas on system, not necessarily willing to go full on triangle. Then you have, as mentioned on TKB, DFish, still playing at the moment but potentially posed to pull an Ason Kidd. I like the Fisher idea as I think it's same thing as the Kerr idea, guy very familiar with Phil who can act essentially as an extension of Phil, guy players would like and respect, someone to mold. Don't get me wrong if JVG signed I'd be pumped, but realistically I like DFish more than other small name guys like Rambis.