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    who are the back up to Fisher....Ron Harper and Toni Kucoc (sorry may be mispelled)

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    Now Stein is reporting that the Griz are thinking about offering JVG the President and Coach job like Detroit gave to SVG. For 60M Dolan should have made PJ do both jobs, insane amount of money when you consider they're still paying Mills and PJ has to hire a coach and GM. The President, coach and GM jobs are probably going to cost Dolan over 20M when most teams probably spend 10M or less.

    If PJ can bring a championship here in 5 years he's worth it but why am I skeptical that he can.

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    Originally Posted by htr10
    Yeah, good point, 3G4G. Honestly, I don't know why he wouldn't at least ask permission to talk to Lue, unless he is not as interested in him as I think he should be. If Fisher and Shaw both continue to look like possible dead ends, it will become more and more suspicious if PJ doesn't start talking to new candidates. If Dunleavy ends up our next coach, I can't help but think that is a defeat for our franchise, unless he is going to just be a 1 year filler. I still have faith in PJ to get this done, for now.
    Per Wojo and Sam Amick Cleveland Cavs will interview Tyronn Lue along with Vinny Del Negro


    Lakers will interview Lionel Hollins

    Meanwhile Jeannie Buss is clipping Phil's toenails, trimming his eyebrows, and clipping ear and nose hairs in L.A.

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