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Shump may be one of the first players dealt. Its a shame he is inconsistant offensively. He did several bonehead plays that cost games this year...mostly fouls...he also caused a few T/O's that gave us an extra pocession. Phil must feel he doesn't fit in to the Triangle or we have no other ways to get a first rounder without giving THJ away. Whats your take
I think Shump can def improve but what we saw was pretty revealing. He has the ability to come through in big time spots but his inconsistency makes him someone we cannot rely on. He hurt us more than helped us and his offense was so bad at times that he should have not played. Yes, he can rebound and play some hard nosed defense but he did not play smart. We need high IQ players and the triangle demands high IQ players which Shumpert doesn't have. He is also injury prone and is a head-case. He has a bad attitude and thinks he is better than he really is. Let him blossom somewhere else...we need picks and wouldn't mind trading him for a 1st round pick. We need to get rid of the cancer locker room guys like SHump