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    Default J.R. Smith next season

    If he stays for the entire next season, do you see him having another season like 2012-2013 (hopefully minus another elbow in the Playoffs)?

    I give Woody credit for helping J.R. and giving him a shot as he's very talented, but eventually Woody became biased and let J.R. do whatever he wanted until he might have been pressured to sit him a game or two (the results showed he should have done long before he did).

    Without Woodson, does J.R. go back to his old ways, does Phil and Fisher bring something different that he's never experienced, will J.R. have his best season?

    J.R. had a very good/great end to the season, but it was very tough to get into the Playoffs at that point (sadly, because the Knicks could have brought it in the Playoffs if they continued on the track they were going).

    Some of the things J.R. has done has been bad, but I like him, and he doesn't have a big contract. He showed he can play a lot of team ball, I wonder if the new regime can take his game to another level, and consistently. What I like about J.R. when he gets hot is that his scoring doesn't slow down the game. If he could combine that with consistent team ball, he'd be a superstar. He's not one of the cases where people say a player has to do this and that to become at a certain level, J.R. has shown it might be just a mindset rather than needing to work on talents. As long as he continues to work hard off the court, which I haven't heard he doesn't, and has a consistent mindset and focus then he could at least become an All-Star.

    One of the things that boggles my mind is that he's one of the toughest players to stop attacking the basket, yet shoots way too many threes.
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