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Thread: F*&%in Berman

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    Default F*&%in Berman

    It took Marc Berman all of ten minutes to try to inject poison into the Knicks locker room:

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    Who was his source for this, Stephon Marbury????

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    His source said "Derek talks a lot but has little to say", he's going to have to learn how to influence his players.

    Did you see Pop in Game 3 talking to Parker at the end of the game. Put his hand on Parker's shoulder and got really close to him and said something to him and Tony looked captivated by Pop. I was wondering what Pop was telling him and ABC had Pop on mike and played it about a minute later, Pop told him "Outstanding leadership, you displayed outstanding leadership during the game, great job" or something like that. Fish needs to emulate Pop for his leadership ability.

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