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    Originally Posted by donchris
    Calderon is solid but he's putting up terrible numbers (11pts 4 assists last season). Though his average is low, he had some games last season where he put up as much as 22 points 8 assist. Maybe a new system is what he needs to be a more consistent contributor. Ether way its an upgrade from Felton.
    I didn't see him play much last year but I think his problem was he was deferring to Monta and Dirk. I remember him from his Toronto days when he was the primary scorer, he could flat out score.

    Overall he's better than Felton but he's a sieve on D, I think even Felton is a better defender than Calderon.

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    did this trade ever go through?

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    so happy about this trade. Chandler and Felton especially have become dead weight and bloated contracts literally and figuratively. The fact that we got rid of these contracts and still got multiple players and picks in return makes us win in this move.

    Chandler is declining fast and over rated and Felton is a back up PG with a contract that is too much for his talents.

    In return we get a legit starting PG, C, and good back up guards in larkin and ellington. Getting 2 picks was nice as well. Cleanthony Early could be a rotation player right away and Antekompou looks like a defensive specialist making Shumper more expendable.
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