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    Not a bad draft at all...

    1st Round grade SF CleAnthony Early with the 34th selection...
    Greak Freak's Brother the Greak Tweak Thanasis Antetokounmpo with the 51st a defensive minded player...
    Then purchasing the Pacers 57th selection PF Louis Laberiye finishes off a strong draft day...

    There still could be a few roster moves/trades in the next few days, so this has definitely been a great start for P.J. as the Head Honcho...

    Can't wait to see whats next up the Zen Master's bag of tricks...

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    Originally Posted by tiger0330
    I'd like to see him play a few games before I trade any of those guys.

    I do like the pick, he's an underdog going from playing community college ball in upstate NY to Witchita St.

    He had a monster game against Julius Randal the 7th pick and looks like a solid shooter, he's got a poor assist rate so not sure what you mean he plays like a guard.

    I like all three pickups, Im waiting for the summer games to notice which of the 3 talent are NBA ready for next season.
    I already see Julius Randall grabbing the 2014-15 NBA Rookie Award.

    Guard Shabazz Napier outstanding PG performance grabbed two NCAA Titles!!!
    How the hell did PG-Shabazz Napier slipped way down to the 24th pick?
    And MJ trades a PG who always does the right thing when playing under-pressure in big games to the Miami Heats???
    So many Charllote Fans, and other fans will be pissed-off if PG-Shabazz Napier perform at the same level in the NBA as he did in college.

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