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    Default Lebron to Cleveland? Not so fast

    This thread was created to put everyone in the shoes of Lebron and not in the shoes of a fan hoping to see him go somewhere else.

    YOU are Lebron James, 4 time MVP that won two championships with the Heat in 4 straight finals appearances.

    Miami knocks on your door: Hello Lebron, we want you to restructure your contracts so we can keep you Bosh and Wade. If Bosh wants to go to Houston which is the rumored report then you know we can have Wade sign for less money and we can afford you, wade, and maybe another top free agent such as Carmelo to come here for less. The location is beautiful and you have had success here. We gutted the roster back in 2010 so you can all come here and have a big 3 to win multiple championships. What do you say?

    Cleveland knocks on your door: Hello Lebron, long time no see? We have improved our roster dramatically since you left. We have Kyrie Irving signed for the next 5 years, and Andrew Wiggins is ready to play at an all star level for years to come. You are the missing piece to finally win in your hometown Cleveland. It is boring and cold here but this your hometown. By the way, forgive Dan GIlbert for writing that nasty message about you when you left 4 years ago. Water under the bridge. We can offer you the max and a chance to win the hearts of every fan (even the Heat fans that only love the Heat because you are on the team)... What do you say?

    What would you do if you were Lebron?
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    I would go to Cleveland, but I like the city of Cleveland for some deranged reason I suppose. In all honesty, if he goes back to Cleveland and wins, it will literally give him the only chance he will ever have again to be less disliked by the hordes of people who hate him because of the last Decision. That said, it will probably make him disliked by new hordes of people because he will have left Miami. On second thought, the only right answer is to quit basketball, go play baseball for a couple seasons, and star in Space Jam 2.

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    id go to the knicks play with melo at vet minimum.

    cause NYC Championship

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