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    last post b4 i begin my strike of not posting until the knicks win I promise

    Stephon Marbury, with a salary of $14.6 million, still carries the tag of never having gotten out of the first round of the playoffs. Tim Thomas, with a salary of $12.9 million, is grabbing just 3.5 rebounds and handing out 1.1 assists per game.

    Crawford, making $6 million, has yet to play for an NBA team that's won more than 30 games. Hardaway, earning $14.6 million, has been supplanted in the rotation by rookie second-round draft pick Trevor Ariza, and Allan Houston, making $17.5 million, is still trying to rediscover his shooting stroke after missing the first month of the season with a knee injury.

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    Dude shut up, they are the underdogs making it all the more better wen the do win and shut up stupid things like that....
    Before Mr. Tayor taught the world to play
    Before fiber glass, before parque
    Before the world Doctor was spelled with a "J"
    And ballrooms were ball courts where the renissance played
    Before hype and before the dunk
    After the rythm but before the funk
    It was only a ball, and the soul of the game

    Bleed oRaNgE & bLuE, the only way to bleed

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    no offense but H20 is right for the most part. We our an overpaid underachieving team. With the money we pay we shouldnt be under 500 or even close to it....Were stuck with a few contracts that id rather not see them with.

    AGREE with
    Tim thomas ill agree with that, even though i try to cut him some slack he doesnt deserve that contract and you can better believe it will be cut when he becomes a free agent

    Hardaway is overpaid and a contract once again we didnt give to that player, just like tim once hes a free agent hell never get near that large sum again. But if this is a contract we had to take on to get the marbury trade done it had to be done

    last but not least Houston. yes but that contract was given to him when he was younger, and not injured, by Layden...then again you must of agreed with that contract Mr. H20 when it was made...

    DISAGREE with
    Crawford actually is a cheap player for the most part. compared to the rest of the players that do what he does. True about the 30 game wins but he was brought into a building situation

    Marbury honestly is worth that money, and just like every team you give the big bucks to your franchise player, he is ours. Even though we didnt give him that contract he deserves it. (truly no one deserves money like that for just playing sports but im saying in the reality of the nba)...he hasnt gotten out of the first round, yes that is horrible BUT he was never really surrounded by a great team his whole career. Sure he had a partner(s) in crime---Minnesota all he had was New Jersey all he had was Van Horn and Kittles----in Pheonix he had Marion..not until right before he was traded or the year after did they acquire all the players to make a full team. Heres a fact for you though 14 playoffs games since his rookie year 96 (not great but)...his career and avg 18.9 points, 6.8 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game not too his rookie year he brought MN to their first ever postseason game...

    we cant really sit around and complain but then again we can. were an overpaid/underachieving team, look at the yankees they are overpaid BUT they come through!!! we have to deal with what we are stuck with and once we get rid of the expiring contracts we should play it smart and not hire on the point of their $ or yester years rather how they will make the team it or not were in a building situation aswell even tho we pay off the big payroll, we are still lookin for that right combination and eventually we will get it..

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